Author E.M. Carr is better known to friends and family as Mitch Carr and is an auto mechanic from Kensington Maryland.

His other endeavors include two music CDs where he is the songwriter and producer, and two Novels written under the pen name of Rhett Dawn Home

Now in his late fifties, he has always enjoyed living on the edge and challenging the politically correct movement. He is politically in the center but believes that people with running water, heat, air conditioning, and full bellies shouldn’t whine so much. When he is not running his Mercedes Repair business just outside of Washington DC he spends time at his farm in historic Scottsville Virginia.

He chose the My Hope Chest Charity to share his profits with because he believes in making a difference when he can, and is hoping that the book can be used as an avenue to provide much needed exposure to a very worthwhile Charity that provides breast cancer reconstruction to uninsured breast cancer survivors.cancer survivors.

He is currently working on a children’s book entitled “How many smiles are there in a day” to be published by summer.