Author Rents Billboard And Accuses Two News Groups Of “Fake News”

Author Mitch Carr makes the claim that he was interviewed about his billboard promoting his books and that the Winston Salem Journal and Spectrum News Triad both intentionally left out the fact that he was using profits from the books to support a charity ( that provides uninsured breast cancer survivors reconstructive surgeries in order to manipulate their narrative of misogyny. He states that leaving out the charity angle would be the same as reporting that someone was speeding in a school zone but not including the fact that they were on the way to the hospital with a woman in labor. His two cartoon books “Real Men don’t use Coupons” and “my head my heart my hooha” are described as humorous looks at the male and female mindsets. The Journal quoted a gender studies professor from Wake forest University named Wanda Balzano who called his book “dangerous” even though she had never read it. He challenges the news outlets to admit that mistakes were made and to do feature articles on the charity to make amends. He also challenges News Spectrum Triad to release the unedited audio interview to show viewers the truth. He launched a website where there is an essay explaining the story in detail and giving his personal insight into what makes a “real man.”