Interview with Christina Edwards, Rock Island Farm Scottsville Virginia. February 24th 2017


Christina: So how did you come to write these two books?

Mitch: Well, I run an auto repair shop and there is a lot of testosterone going around twenty four seven.

Christina:… and that gave you what exactly?

Mitch: Well, I would say it has given me perspective, I grew up with three older sisters, have been married, and been on the dating scene for nearly twenty years. So when you add in working all day everyday with real men, it just comes together.  

Christina: Real men?

Mitch: Sure. Real men. We earn our money with our bodies and our minds. We understand the value of work. We understand that men and women are different, and that even men and men are different.

Christina: How are men and men different?

Mitch: Well just like dogs, men come in many breeds, there are alphas, there are wimps and everything in between. I just choose to be in the group of alphas that are willing to earn their keep. Like a Border Collie or a German Sheppard, and that’s what I wrote about in the Real Men book. In the hooha book I made references to them all.

Christina: If men are like dogs then what are women?.

Mitch: Cats. When guys argue they are like dogs in the yard, they fight and three minutes later they are drinking out of the same water bowl. Women are more like cats, They get their shackles up and then avoid each other in the same room for life, often not even remembering what the original argument was even about.

Christina: So would you say your a misogynist.

Mitch: No, except in the hijacked modern definition of the word. I am a little old fashioned in that I think a man  needs to accept the responsibilities he has created, whether it be just him, he and a partner, or children.

Christina: What about the woman?

Mitch: What about her? A woman can make a million dollars a week as president of Apple for all I care, that doesn’t absolve a man from carrying his own weight and then some. That is just the world I want to live in.

Christina: So you wouldn’t be a “kept man?”

Mitch: Sure I would. Why not? I just wouldn’t sacrifice my manhood to do it. As long as I am physically able I will keep the skills I need to take care on my obligations. It has nothing to do with what a woman does in her life.

Christina: So her “needs” don’t matter to you?

Mitch: Quite the opposite. Her needs would be everything to me unless it involved her trying to put me under her thumb.

Christina: So you would want a woman under your thumb.

Mitch: Not at all. Why would I want anybody under my thumb? If she has four Aces she won’t look for a new deal. But if a relationship cannot sustain mutual happiness then why fight it?

Christina: So what are you trying to “say” with these books.

Mitch: Finally a question I like. I am trying to say that men and women ARE different and that we should celebrate that, not condemn it. I blame liberals, feminists and Hollywood for emasculating men, and I blame former men for allowing it to happen. I think the reason we have bullies in schools is because we stopped allowing boys to become men and take up for the weaker among them. I think that women can be anything they want in this world, and that women who spend all day complaining are the biggest obstacle to their success. Men currently have a lot of sway in hiring and a lot of them are rightfully careful when it comes to hiring women because many of them have been poisoned into thinking that they will be exploited and unappreciated no matter how good they do.

Christina: But many women are exploited in the workplace.

Mitch: And many are not. Look at the successful women out there and see what they all have in common. They didn’t stop climbing when the path got steep. So what if their path was harder than a comparable man? Things are changing and will change a lot faster if women run from the feminist movement and celebrate and enjoy their womanhood instead of constantly shouting about how unfair life is. Life is unfair. 3 billion people live on less than two dollars a day.

Christina: Okay. Well it sounds like your books are almost political statements.

Mitch: In a way. I am not afraid of the political connotations, mostly I did them because I like to make people laugh, and to poke fun at people who are a little too full of themselves at the same time.

Christina: And if someone is offended?

Mitch: Well, life is tough, get a helmet. Seriously though, if the books are successful and the charity I am sponsoring makes money, then any blowback will be a small price to pay.

Christina: Tell us more about that.

Mitch: Sure, Alisa Savoretti runs a charity that pays for breast reconstruction surgery for breast cancer survivors who cannot afford it on their own.  It’s called My Hope Chest  ( and I am hoping to raise a lot of money. The hooha book is donating one dollar per book sold directly to her charity, and the Real Man book I need to see how much profit there is because it is being printed in the US which costs a lot more, but I will be as generous as I can with that one too.

Christina: How did you meet her?

Mitch: I searched for a charity that was small enough that I could possibly make a difference with my help, and also one that was run by people interested in helping a primarily woman’s cause. After researching Alisa’s charity I contacted her and here we are.

Christina: Do you have a dollar goal?

Mitch: My goal is to turn her waiting list from one waiting for money, to one waiting on surgical room availability, and hopefully to give her the exposure she needs to keep up with the demand.

Christina: So you did this to be altruistic?

Mitch: (laughs) No I did it for fun.

Christina:  You also write novels under another name.

Mitch: Yes two. I use the pen name Rhett Dawn.

Christina: Are they similar themes?

Mitch: One sort of, not the other. One is kinds of a John Grisham type thriller, and the other is more like Fifty Shades of Grey from a mans point of view.

Christina: A mans point of view?

Mitch: Sure it is about an auto mechanic who has numerous affairs with rich women, but is actually just occupying himself waiting for his true love to find him. It lets the reader inside the male mind where fifty shades never goes.

Christina: Does he get the girl?

Mitch: You will have to read it and find out.